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Migrating to Newgrounds?

2016-02-24 17:37:55 by CherryBerryGangsta

After some recent announcements concerning Soundcloud and some lackluster results on Bandcamp, I've been considering migrating all my audio work to Newgrounds exclusively. Reason being? More likely to find collaborators for animation & game projects - this would allow me to start building a portfolio of work.

To achieve my desired results, I need you guys to help spread the word. If you like what you hear, let the world know. Send some listens my way! I'll be forever greatful.




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2016-02-24 20:37:04

Why don't you post in as many places as possible? Seems to me like that way you would get more exposure than sticking to a single site, the only reason to stick to a single site is if you already have a decent following so you maximize views on a single place. idk tbqfh fam